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"I worked with Win for over a year on our juice project. She is the best example of a person looking for Sensory Excellence, where there is no place for compromise. Her trained palate, knowledge about the food industry and passion, make the perfect combination for getting the perfect product.  Her positive attitude, and her confidence is contagious!"

Armando Martinez

Head of NPD AMC Innova

"Win made such an impact in all of us. The team really enjoyed  working with her as she brilliantly used the best skills from everyone around to create superb products. She has a vast experience and a very clear view on what she is looking for. She is a very inspirational character who motivates and transfers her passion to those around."

Antonio Muroz

CEO, AMC Group

“It’s not often you experience the benefits of working with a real foodie developer that has a wealth of food knowledge, from various categories, that really has a passion for her role, and can deliver to a commercial brief”

Paul Liveras


“Win has a real passion, flair and love for food. Her development experience & knowledge over the food industry for many years would be an asset to any company embarking on innovation/development.

She fully understands the latest food trends in restaurants and the retail market in both the UK market place and abroad. This gives her a real ability to pin point those trends that will work or can be adapted to the UK market place

Wins ability for innovation and experience over many different categories is very varied and her commitment towards innovation is endless, always aiming for perfection, with the drive to see a project through from concept to launch.

Working with Win has always been a real pleasure and a very rewarding experience.”

Elaine Willis

Linden Foods

“Win brings experience, knowledge and judgment to every project she is involved in and for the last 28 years the high street has been a better place for it.”

Stephen Atkins


“I have now managed several sites which supplied to every major retailer across a large range of food product ranges, which I feel gives me a sound base to judge what good product development looks like. It was a privilege to work with Win as she was able to clearly define the point of differences that were crucial to her ranges and worked closely with the team to deliver the concept. This was clear from the outset and made the overall process very efficient and allowed a culture of trust to form. If we do not deliver what was agreed, this was always fed back in a meaningful manor and we were given an opportunity to fix  it– although only one chance.

Her approach ensured my team challenged the norm but did not stray too far from the overall brief – this allowed a sharing of concept and a pride in what was being developed. I would welcome the opportunity  to work with Win in the future.”

Brian McMonagle

Vion (Grampion Foods)

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