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Successful food & drinks are not difficult to make providing you have vision, knowledge, passion & understand your customer needs

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We have a great knowledge of the food industry, sourcing Ingredients and translating concepts into production, that has been up built over 40 years.

Win's products have been regularly featured in the press & media and she is regarded as a real authority on food.

Win Merrells,


Win's strengths lay in her ability to provide creative , innovative and commercial solutions for companies seeking new ideas.

She worked for 28 years as a food product developer for Marks & Spencer  before starting her own business in 2010.

Since then, she has consulted for Sainsbury's for 6 years and also found time to work for small on-line companies and for one of the largest fast food retailers in South Korea.

During her 40 years working in food, Win has gained a vast knowledge in all aspects of food.

Her passion for quality and her ability to deliver award winning products, first to market, demonstrates her intuitive understanding of customer needs 

Win has travelled extensively during her career & has a great understanding of what works and how to keep things simple


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